The Pride Proms Collective

Pride Proms is a collective of friendly, creative, and enthusiastic volunteers from a wide range of communities including LGBT+.​

Pride Proms was inspired by one of our team and comparing different personal experiences of discrimination, prejudice and being alienated as young people. The project aims to support, empower and inspire LGBT+ young people through hosting Proms every year that welcome and celebrate diversity.

Following the American trend, Proms are becoming ever more popular within the UK. Unfortunately as a result of fear, discrimination and prejudice a large portion of LGBT+ young people do not attend their school proms or attend as their true selves.

In Britain alone, Stone Wall reported in their 2017 school report that.

  • Nearly half of LGBT pupils (45 per cent) – including 64 per cent of trans pupils – are bullied for being LGBT in Britain’s schools. This is down from 55 per cent of lesbian, gay and bi pupils who experienced bullying because of their sexual orientation in 2012 and 65 per cent in 2007 

  • Half of LGBT pupils hear homophobic slurs ‘frequently’ or ‘often’ at school, down from seven in 10 in 2012

  • Seven in 10 LGBT pupils report that their school says that homophobic and biphobic bullying is wrong, up from half in 2012 and a quarter in 2007. However, just two in five LGBT pupils report that their schools say that transphobic bullying is wrong

  • Just one in five LGBT pupils have been taught about safe sex in relation to same-sex relationships

  • More than four in five trans young people have self-harmed, as have three in five lesbian, gay and bi young people who aren’t trans

  • More than two in five trans young people have attempted to take their own life, and one in five lesbian, gay and bi students who aren’t trans have done the same

Therefore, Pride Proms is important for LGBT+ young people to have a positive experience and feeling of inclusion at their prom. Not only are we providing a safe, positive and educational event for LGBT+ young people we are also providing a platform to promote LGBT+ services that focus on health and wellbeing within their local community as part of the Pride Prom experience as well as supporting local talent who will perform at Pride Proms. 



"What we believe in"

• Promoting equality

• Celebrating diversity

• Inspiring creativity

• Build confidence

• Listens to the community and helps to develop it

• Educate and raise awareness of LGBT+ issues

• Overcomes intolerance and prejudice of any kind

• Being ethical and sustainable

• Promote local talent and businesses

• Involve people and organisations running their own projects 

• Encourage enthusiastic volunteers from the community

• Treat people with respect always and avoid abusive or discriminatory language

• Work positively and creatively to ensure everyone feels welcome whatever their age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs

Pride Proms is the first of it's kind in the UK and our future goal is to also host Pride Proms in other parts of Scotland that need our support and raise awareness of the LGBTI+ community.